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Scancard binder The ScanCard Project Management System is a system that many successful individuals and fortune 500 companies have used since 1981. It’s a simple yet effective way to manage everyday information and improve productivity. It works for sales professionals, managers, teachers or anyone who needs to stay on top of their busy schedule.

It’s simple and easy. There’s no rigid “system” you must follow or expensive forms to purchase. Use it the same way you already take notes! ScanCards provide a location to write down bits of information – projects, contacts, reminder notes, appointments, – basically anything that you might need to reference at a later date. Scancard Starter Kit Scancard

The cards are then inserted into the “Control Panels” and scanned daily for follow up – eliminating project delays, missed deadlines, and embarrassment. You can keep the cards in the “control panel” as long as you like – they never become lost and you can quickly follow up on the information daily, weekly or as needed. No more shuffling through notepads or pieces of paper to find your notes!

ScanCards eliminate jotting information on pieces of paper, notepads, the back of envelopes, and restaurant napkins – which can become lost.

Each ScanCard is 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ and is similar to an index card. The top 1/2″ of each card is the subject or title area where you describe the information you’ve written on the card. You can write as much or as little additional information on the cards as needed. You then periodically scan the cards to jog your memory on projects or activities that require follow up – appointments, meetings, contact information, deadlines, etc…

The ScanCard system is designed to keep all of your important information in one convenient location and allows you to “stay in control” of your busy schedule at all times – it’s the perfect accessory to your McKinley Leather binder. All you do to get started is open the rings, insert the ScanCard Control Panels, and you’re ready to go!